Jamaica National Heroes

Digital Trading Cards

Questions were meant to be ask, we encourage you to ask questions, we love and want to hear from you.
Below are some of the most frequent questions that are asked by club members.

1. What are digital trading cards?
Digital trading cards are Virtual cards in an app on your cellphone or computer, where you must collect a set of 7 cards with all the Jamaica National Heroes in a symbolic series with the identical serial numbers.

2. What can I do with my complete set of 7 Heroe's trading card series?
You sell or swap it on the Card MATRIX located on the website. Most trading card hobbyist or collector request to have their digital card printed to a physical trading card as a memorabilia.

3. Who do I swap my trading cards with?
You can swap or sell your trading cards with your Family, relatives, friends, schoolmates, coworkers or even strangers.

4. Can I make money with my trading cards?
Yes. Apart from being a trading card hobbyist or collector who swaps, you can also buy or sell your card or cards.

5. Can I swap, buy or sell a Heroe's trading card on the card MATRIX if I dont have proof of Jamaican residency?
No. You can not, only  residents of Jamaica, W.I. with proof of residency can be on the Card MATRIX.

6. Why are Jamaicans the only ones allowed to collect the Heroe's trading cards.
The Jamaica Heroes trading cards are unique, with deep emotions, dignity, personal pride and great sentiments to the Jamaican people.
The Jamaica Heroes trading card represents blood, tears and sacrifices that gave Jamaica its Independence. That is the respect and sentimental purpose for the exclusive rights why the Jamaica Heroes trading cards can only be traded by the residents of Jamaica.

7. What happens if I reside in another country and I buy a Jamaica Heroes trading card?
You will have to provide a Jamaica cell phone area code plus a local Jamaica address incase of you getting a delivery. If you cannot, then your transaction will be declined. If your transaction does go through you will be refunded and all information void.

8. If I am in a different country and I wanted to give a friend or relative a Heroe's trading card, what should I do? 
You will purchase the Heroes trading card in that person's name and address then provide an email or cellphone number for an electronic delivery of the Heroe's card.
9. Are the Jamaica Heroes card expensive to purchase?
No. Starting out they are reasonably inexpensive, it is the swapping, buying and selling by your fellow hobbyist and collector that makes the card very expensive but rewarding.

10. What or who is a card flipper?
A card flipper is a cheat, he or she is all about money. They have no interest in becoming a card hobbyist or collector.
They only buy or swap cards and wait for the moment when a true collector reality needs it to complete their set of 7, then the flipper sells it for a very high price.

11. Can you get rid of a flipper?
No. Unfortunately not, we do not have a software that can detect the kind of card collector or the intention of each person.

12. Where do I go, or what do I do to become a Heroe's trading card hobbyist or collector?
The MATRIX. The only place is on the JAMAICAHEROES.COM. site to register. Once on the site, enter the Matrix, become a club member and start collecting.

13. Can someone steal my Heroes trading card?
No. They cannot. Your card will be uniquely registered to you only. Even if your cellphone or computer is lost, your information will still be stored in the virtual cloud vault. Only the physical trading card can be stolen.

14. What are the benefits of the trading card club?
Everything, everything you will need to have fun, great discounts, easy access to other club members who wants to swapp, sell or buy your cards.

15. What is the MATRIX?
The card MATRIX is the heart of the (AI) artificial intelligence of the Jamaica Heroes trading card site. It holds all the club member's cards information and decides whose cards were posted first in line or last. The MATRIX shows the cards for selling, cards for swapping, cards for buying, it even recalls a card that has been dormant for too long.

16. What is a card recall?
Whenever a club member is not actively swapping or doing anything with the card, the MATRIX offers to buy it so other collectors can have access to that card in order to complete their set of 7.

17. If my card is recalled, do I have to sell it to the MATRIX?
That is your choice, you don't have to.

18. Can I sell my trading card to a flipper?
That is your choice, we here at cannot tell you when, why, where, what and to whom you should sell your card.

19. Who owns The Jamaica National Heroes?
The Jamaica National Heroes are own by all legal Jamaican citizens by birthright or Naturalization and the Government of Jamaica. The Jamaican Government conferred the first National Hero for the People with the Order of the National Hero in 1969 as per the second
schedule of the National Honours and Awards Act.  The Jamaica National heroes Trading Cards are the exclusive  REGISTERED, TRADEMARK,  COPYRIGHT material, with patent pending and sole proprietorship of (RMG) REID MEDIA GROUP, Inc. U.S.A.

20. Where is (RMG) Reid Media Group Inc. located?
Reid Media Group is located in the city of fort white, in central Florida, U.S.A.

21. How much can I sell my card for?
That is up to you and the other card collector hobbyists, what ever price you specify to put on the MATRIX and a card collector hobbyist wants fo get it to complete their set of 7, they will pay whatever for it, if your price is reasonable.

22. Why are some card collectors so desperate to to swap or buy Heroes trading cards?
All card collectors are desperate for cards. They need to complete a set of 7 in order for the card collector Hobbyist to trade and move up to the next series where the cards become very expensive and more rewarding.

23. What are the Jamaica Heroes trading cards series?
The card series are the different national symbols that matches all 7 heroes with the same serial numbers.

24. How many series are there?
There are 5 series.
Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond and Platinum.

25. How many Symbols are there?
There are 6 symbols.
Flag, Ackee, Lignum vitae, Blue mahoe, Coat of Arms and Doctor Bird.

26. How will I know the Symbol that represents a card?.
The Symbol will be on both sides of the Heroe's head.

27. What if someone in another country wants to buy me a National Heroes Trading card?
Please see question # (9)

28. If I am not in the Heroe's trading card club can I still buy or sell a card to a friend?
Yes. But you will have to pay to authorize a transfer for new card owner registration info.

29. How much is the registration cost if I am not a club member?
The registration cost would be $400.00 (Jamaica currency) That is why it makes sense to be a Heroe's card member.

30. How much is it to a Heroe's trading card member?
The Heroe's trading card membership cost is $200.00. (Jamaica currency) per month.

31. Can I sell my card on the MATRIX if I am not a member?
No. The Matrix is only for active card members.

32. Can I swap, buy or sell a cardon the MATRIX if I am not an active member?
No. Even though you are a member on the MATRIX, you must be an active member in order to trade cards.

33. If my card is recalled and I am not an active member, can the MATRIX still buy my card from

No. The digital card MATRIX is only programmed for active members.

34. Can I get an idea of what the different card series are sold or purchased for?
Yes. The difference in cost variables are so wide and far apart, we suggest to everyone to go and view the MATRIX, it is free to see. That way you will have a better understanding of the card hobbyist and card pricing.

35. When I send in my card registration infohow long before it is entered into the card MATRIX?
There are hundreds of card collectors waiting in line every day for registration, active members are first. It will take up to 5 business days before your registration is seen on the MATRIX.

36. How long does my card registration stays on the MATRIX?
Your registration information stays on the MATRIX for 5 days.

37. Why dosen't my card registration info stays on the MATRIX much longer?
The MATRIX is only programmed to hold one thousand (1000) individual card registration numbers per week, that way it will clear space for the next week series of registration.

38. If I sell my card on the MATRIX, how long will it take for me to get my money?
Less than 5 business days. You will have to specify if you want a check mail to you, a western union transfer or a deposit into your checking account. If you are a minor, your parent or legal guardian will have to go to western union.

39. Are there any Jamaica Heroe's trading card representatives in Jamaica?
Yes. There are 6 marketing and sales representatives currently in Jamaica, looking to expand its marketing team.

40. Do they have offices in Jamaica?
Yes, they do. They are currently looking at various location to open a customer service office. The parent company will have a corporate head office registered with the Jamaican government that will be fully open for marketing and sales.
41. The parent company (RMG) Reid Media Group Inc, what do they do?
RMG is a An American entertainment company that creates original products and showcases the news about the United States and Jamaica, in Sports, Movies, Songs, Wealth, Fashion, Merchandising, Marketing and Sales to the young people of the Jamaican Diaspora.

42. Do you swap other trading cards like like the American football, baseball, basketball and hockey Sports trading cards.
No. Those cards are licensed to be sold only by those organizations. The Jamaica Heroes
trading cards are the only trading cards we carry.

43. How old do you have to be in order to collect trading cards?
There is no set age, anyone can collect trading cards just like comic books. In the U.S.A. it is mainly teenagers who collect trading cards.

44. What country mostly collect trading cards?
Mostly the United States, Europe, South America, but other countries such as Canada, China and Japan are also big avid trading card hobbyist.

45. Can I make big money trading cards?
Yes. You have to constantly watch the card MATRIX. Card Collectors need to build their complete set of 7 Heroes series and they will pay a large amount to get that next card to complete their set.

45. Why do card collectors need to complete a set of 7?
You can only have a physical card set at discount cost by having a digital set of 7, also it has a much higher value as a recall set.

46. What happens when you complete a series set of 7?
You can sell you set, trade it in for the next level series or request to have it sold to you as a physical card.

47. How many cards can I buy per week?
You can buy maximum, only 7 cards in a week.

48. When I have a complete set of 7 and I trade them into the MATRIX, what happens to that set
of 7?

They are automatically deleted from the MATRIX, then gets printed into a physical trading card to be sold as a collectors memorabilia.

49. Can I buy back my own set of 7 digital trading card that is now a physical trading card?
Yes, also you can have the first right for purchase at a discount.

50. Can I trade my complete set of 7 cards for the next level series?
Yes, you can but its better to wait for the MATRIX to list it for recall, it will be of a much higher price value and reward for you.
How do I know if a physical card is authentic?
The Jamaica Heroes website was created and founded on the principles of protection and authenticity. The utmost protection of the cards were implemented in a eight stage process, that's right, ( 8 ) stage security process securement for all card enthusiasts. The cards security features are as follows.

1. Background facial holograms
2. Gloss coated to prevent counterfeiting.
3. Encryption colors
4. Watermarks
5. Color shifting ink
6. Security pixels
7. Unique serial numbers.
8. Purchase registration.
If you are looking to purchase or swap a card that is very expensive or high in value from
someone, it is very important to have a authentic card grader do a valuation for you or make sure
the single card is on the Jamaica Heroes website, since all cards must be authenticated before
BRONZE Series.
$100 per card.
SILVER Series.
$200 per card.
GOLD Series.
$300 per card.
$500 per card
$1000 per card
When you get a complete set of 7 series, the MATRIX will recall that card set and it will be
taken out of circulation then automatically turns into a physical card where it will be marketed
and auction off around the World to Patriotic Jamaicans, families or friends to keep in their
Home, Office or wherever they desire. A portion of the proceeds from sales will be given to the
disenfranchised children of Jamaica.