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About Us

Jamaica National Heroes Trading Cards (JNHTC) has set industry standards for quality craftsmanship, authenticity and innovation since the company’s trading cards began its online Digital / Virtual distribution. (JNHTC) introduced high-quality glossy card stock, premium-quality photography and never-before-seen anti-counterfeit holograms with its first online digital products. The company is a patent-pending platform that allows trading card collectors to instantly buy, open and trade cards with fans in the Jamaican Diaspora on their mobile device around the Globe.
 “While many things have changed since we opened our doors in the trading card market, our vision has remained the same; to deliver the most innovative, high quality and authentic trading card products in the collectibles industry’” said Axel Reid Vice President of RMG. “We remain dedicated to creating and delivering the best premium trading card products for our fans and collectors around the world. 
The Jamaica National Heroes Trading Cards is a Subsidiary of Reid Media Group Inc. The Company, headquartered in Fort White. The North Central region of Florida USA, is a worldwide News, sports and entertainment dedicated to the Jamaican Diaspora and the local Jamaican community. The company was built on the pillars of quality craftsmanship, authenticity and innovation, with a dedication to creating products that turn memorable moments into unforgettable collectibles such as the National Heroes trading cards.